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About Us

New Asia Innovation, an online community with deep resident expertise on innovation in Asia Pacific, focuses on helping organizations and business in Asia drive more value through innovation. The objective of our online community is simple: We strive to help their members find the innovation information and resources that they need to help meet their specific business objectives. If they need access to detailed information about patent growth in China, or IP protection in China, we want to help them to find that information at New Asia Innovation in less than 10 minutes. If a member needs a good consultant to help run a brainstorming session in Tokyo, we want our members to find that resource or someone else that can help them find that resource in less than 10 minutes. If a member wants an opinion on the latest publication on innovation that came out on Amazon two weeks ago, we want them to get an opinion on our site.

Our Founder

Founded in 2011 by Martin Daffner, the idea of the community actually dates back to 2005, when a group of MNC Technical Directors in and around Shanghai started meeting informally about once a quarter to share experiences, some practices and discuss challenges over dinner. Martin joined that group in 2006, and as more and more R&D leaders started showing up in Shanghai in the coming years, the group became far too large to manage. In 2007 and 2008, many smaller informal groups continued to meet, and Martin took over the role of Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. At one point in 2009, there were more than 15 informal technical groups meeting at various frequencies in Shanghai alone. It was clear that there was a need for regular and meaningful information sharing and the idea of New Asia Innovation was born.

Over the next few years, more and more MNC’s were moving into China and more and more people were contacting Martin and other Technical Directors for their thoughts on how to manage, drive and develop the innovation capability in China. Key strategic questions regarding the role of the Chinese Innovation Center in company’s global R&D footprint and relationship between culture and innovative capability became more and more common during strategic planning discussions. It was these discussions and requests for information that prompted the development of the online community with the specific intent to provide all members with key insights into the Innovation community in Asia.

New Asia Innovation focuses on four key aspects of the Innovation Ecosystem
  1. Innovation Leadership and Culture: The cultural differences between the East and West play a role in how leaders need to approach innovation management. While there are quite a few areas that may need to be addressed depending on the specific situation, the most common cultural implications to innovation management are: comfort with ambiguity; comfort with conflict; and hierarchal authority/governance.
  2. Innovation Processes: Due in part to cultural differences, but also in part to the geographic expanse of the Asia Pacific region, the innovation processes used usually need to be modified to drive speed to market and quick, effective decision making. These processes need to be specific to the company’s culture and governance norms, but some general rules in AP usually apply.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights: This will remain a hot topic and the rate of change on this issue is likely the greatest of all. Nearly every month we’re seeing new precedents set in Beijing, and the impact of the global marketplace and need for strong IPR to support innovation are having a tremendous impact.
  4. Innovation and Education: Perhaps the most discussed topic privately is innovation and education. The education system is deeply rooted in the cultural norms and will be slow to change. However, there is now wide acceptance within China that a slightly more aggressive evolution of the education systems will be required to enable China’s Universities to compete with those of the West when it comes to fundamental research.

For each of these key aspects, our community has a dedicated Advisor, or resident expert. These Advisors each have years of local experience in the field and area of expertise. They serve to keep us up to date, answer the most challenge questions, and can serve as a resource for our member community.

Finally, our members will notice that we don’t advertise on the site. This is not a blog, an affiliate program or a consultancy. Our founder and all our Advisors are practitioners in the field working through their battles and issues each day. That’s what makes them such a great resource to our community. We strive to provide as much content as possible absolutely free for all our members. We welcome all members to our community and offer special discounts to members that want to become Contributors to our shared content. If your interested in getting more involved in New Asia Innovation and want to know more, email or visit our Contact Us section at the bottom of our any page on our site.

Please contact us with any questions or comments. We’re here for the benefit of our members and want to hear from you.

The New Asia Innovation Team