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Asia Gap Year Trips Have a Profound Impact

Asia Gap Year Trips Have a Profound Impact

While it is not a part of a traditional education, students discover value in taking a gap year before heading off to continue their academic paths. A “gap year” is an academic year or a semester that a student who has just completed high school might take before entering college. A student may elect to take a gap year for any number of reasons ranging from wanting to work for a year to save up enough money for their first year in college, to wanting to build up life experience prior to diving into another long education commitment. For some students, an Asia gap year is an excellent way to stave off burn out.

Why take an Asia Gap Year?

More and more students who are opting to take a gap year are looking to do something more impactful and productive with their time than just relaxing for a year of vacation. This has spawned a number of companies across the globe that are specializing in gap year packages. These packages include accommodations and a full “experience” of the culture of the country they are interested in visiting. Many of these packages include service work that allows students to either intern with a company in their country of choice, or to work with a non-profit organization. Groups like the Peace Corps and Americorps specialize in short-term assignments that allow students to get the experience they are looking for without making a multi-year commitment.

Many of these programs are targeting high need areas in Asia. Groups that cater to Gap Year adventures, like, specialize in putting together internships and volunteer programs across countries in Asia. From medical internships, teaching English in underserved schools, to volunteering in orphanages across India, many of these programs are geared toward service and offering experiences that students are unlikely to get anywhere else.

How Do Asia Gap Years Further Innovation?

So how exactly do these one year intervals further Asia’s innovation? While these programs have obvious benefit for the students taking part in them, there are some additional benefits for Asia as a whole. By bringing in fresh talent, companies bring in new and innovative ideas. Businesses are able to take advantage of the talents and hard work of students seeking a unique experience. These experiences can have such an impact on these students that many return to Asia for work or to start businesses that open up jobs and push forward with Asia’s innovation impact on the globe.