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Asia Innovation: Why We Can’t Go Forward Without Looking Back

Asia Innovation: Why We Can’t Go Forward Without Looking Back

As human beings, we are always looking toward the future.

But it is not easy to move forward with new and innovative ideas without first knowing where things were. The best way to do this is to take a bird’s eye view of the change you wish to make and drill down until you get to the basic process of what already exists. Once you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, making the necessary changes becomes a matter of taking a series of steps.

How Asia Innovation Applies

In India, there is an initiative that will give each resident of the country a unique ID number that would allow the government to transfer funding to poor residents directly in order to reduce corruption. This initiative has been deemed necessary because of the previous misuse of funds that had been dog eared for the purpose of helping to reduce the extraordinarily high poverty rate. It was breaking down the process that allowed this new system to be introduced.

Over in China business policies are changing to push for more “homegrown” business opportunities. For decades, China has been the manufacturing hub for most electronic companies. Most things can be flipped over and the “made in china” label will still be present. The biggest problem with this has been that while the production costs go up, the price paid for employment and materials has stayed, virtually, the same. In order to move toward Asia innovation, China law makers have begun to recognize that the best way to bring in new jobs for their population and to boost the economy is to start from within, this is something that could not have come about if the old way of doing things hadn’t first been examined. In many ways China is taking its lead from the example of Japan and South Korea from the 60’s and 80’s.

Breaking down Asia Innovation Processes

Breaking down existing processes is one of the best ways to find out where the best places are to build up new ideas and take down the old ones that are no longer viable. It is in this way that Asia innovation is happening in countries all over the West.