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Asia Urban Innovation Is a Spring Board for Innovative Businesses

Asia Urban Innovation Is a Spring Board for Innovative Businesses

Big cities around the world are competing with each other on a global scale to be the leader in Asia’s urban innovation.

Whether it is innovative business, urban planning or the best ways and places to conduct business, innovation is at the top of every city’s agenda. Major cities like Hong Kong are taking great strides to make sure that they are on the forefront of the Asia urban innovation movement.

How Does Asia Urban Innovation Happen?

It is not possible to have true innovation without having a wide variety of people who are able to submit their ideas based on their wide range of experiences. For some cities, like Tokyo, this is difficult. Tokyo currently has no deregulation laws so it is not an attractive place to live for CEOs with families. Without the deregulation of medicine and education in particular, high ranking business executives are not able to comfortably bring their families over and ensure an easy transition. These types of non-tangible offerings are just some of the ways other global cities are putting themselves head and shoulders above the competition.

Advocating for deregulation is just one way that businesses can help their companies become more innovative. Deregulation will allow companies to have a bigger draw for outside consultants and employees that could potentially bring in new ideas and open doors for new research and development methods.

The Key to Urban Innovation in Asia

The key to urban innovation in Asia seems to be keeping a finger on the pulse of the respective city and making sure that your business is prepared to fill the needs that exist, but that may be slipping through the cracks of what has always been done. A great example of this kind of forward thinking exists in Asian cities like Singapore. Singapore is located just west of Jakarta, but the international date lines cause Singapore to be one hour ahead. This extra hour allows their financial markets to open an hour earlier to be able to be competitive in the market. This is something that the businesses in Singapore have gladly taken advantage of to help their businesses continue to grow and flourish.

When the focus is on innovation and bringing your city or your company up to speed to fit in with the current changes it is important not to get too comfortable. Once you become fixed in your way of thinking or being, it is easy to lose out on the every changing and constantly growing market.