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Asian Innovation: Young Industry Leaders

Asian Innovation:  Young Industry Leaders

Asia is brimming with young, innovative talent.  Innovation in the fields of technology, renewable resources, green technology, food production, and water conservation, continue to be developed in the region.  Some of those innovations come from astoundingly young innovators who have fresh perspectives in the way they look at and solve, the world’s challenges.


Poverty is a continuing issue in all nations – not just those that are developing.  To combat this issue one young innovator has developed a process that includes local women living in and around the Marine Protected Areas (MAP) of Vietnam.  Tang Thi Duyen Hong has established a program that trains women to make handcraft products that many tourists would buy.  However, instead of relying on their wares being purchased through direct channels, Hong has established Marine Gifts – an online boutique that offers the products for sale all across the world.  Not only does Marine Gifts provide the women with a salary but also boosts the local economy and provides training on living skills and raises awareness on marine conservation issues.


In the West, a popular way of selling and buying are swap meets.  One young innovator, Samathy Woo Man Shan, has established the same principles to redistribute used goods via an online platform.  Shan established JupYeah Corporation that encourages citizens to engage in a virtual swap meet to share their wanted but still working and useful items, for recycling.  Shan hopes that such a platform will reduce waste while also encouraging the community to change an unsustainable lifestyle.


Making change isn’t always easy, but for young change-maker Kassey Tam Ka Man, successe came easily.  Her company, Makeover, works as an employment agency to establish relationships between local beauty schools, beauty retail stores, and beauty salons, with youth.  Youth involved in the program receive training, personal grooming, and get to develop interpersonal skills.  Graduates are then connected with salons and agencies so they can continue their career, with the goal being to equip themselves with the skills necessary to gain employment and become self-sufficient.


Innovators dream up new ideas and overcome harsh realities and challenges.  To derive innovation success means fostering a culture of continuous innovation while forging new ties between organizations, industries, and cultures.  An open and collaborative approach to innovation has and will continue to be the keys to the young innovators successes, in Asia and beyond.