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China seen as gaining edge in innovation education

China seen as gaining edge in innovation education

Studies confirm that China is on its way to overtaking the US and other developed countries in innovation capability. Joe McKendrick, writing in, in an article titled “China seen as gaining edge in innovation education” says that China is rapidly overtaking the US in both education and innovation skills. Why is the US allowing this to happen and will the US arrest the trend before it is too late?

A recent survey of 6000 respondents clearly showed that China is perceived to be the most inventive country by 202, closely followed by India, with the US and Japan relegated to the third and fourth place respectively.

While at present the US is still seen as the most innovative, and is still seen as the one providing best support to innovation by both individuals and businesses, this ranking will soon change.

Besides the results of the survey, a report by the OECD shows that the US’ educational standards are falling. The US now ranks 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading out of 34 OECD countries. China came in first in all the categories.

These rankings and surveys etc have had an impact on national confidence and the majority of respondents from China and India see their countries being in the forefront of innovation by 2020.

Asked which recent innovations had impacted life the most, respondents favored the Internet. Many others listed vaccines and antibiotics as well. IT and telecom, pharmaceutical and automotives were seen as the most active sectors (in that order).

Historically, US citizens have underrated their capabilities even as the country has risen to the occasion. It is possible that this questioning makes the US outperform other countries.

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