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China, Steve Jobs and Innovation

China, Steve Jobs and Innovation

In a recent article by Jason Patent entitled “China, Steve Jobs and Innovation”, the author interestingly brings to attention how China is in so much need of originality and innovation. Does China have its own Steve Jobs? If yes, where is he?

In his speech at Tsinghua University’s 100th Anniversary celebration, President Hu Jintao mentioned innovation a lot of times. But the thing is – innovation has always been an issue in China.

While China has always wanted to improve from having products “made in China” to “invented in China”, they have never succeeded to be one of those innovative societies in the world. And no matter how much time, Chinese government spends on innovation policies, the question remains, “Where is China’s Steve Jobs and could there be a Chinese Steve Jobs?”

Why Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs brought life-enhancing and massively wealth-generating technologies to the world. In China, there is something missing in the culture, they tend to have a lesser creativity, and they stick to the past. In fact, in an article, there are two very important bits to be regarded:

In one article that was written, it stated two important bits that should be regarded. First, there are many Apple fans out there who asked if there will be a Chinese version of Steve Jobs with China’s weak creativity. China is weak in the cultural and electronics sector. The second and the last bit is that, if China’s economic construction is to pursue common enrichment, then, the cultural construction aims at pursuing social consensus.

These two bits written in the article say a lot of things about comparing Steve Jobs to China. China has still a long way to go in applying innovation to its different sectors. But, you cannot really find a cause why China lacks a Chinese Steve Jobs. In using the word “lacking”, it means you are comparing one thing to another. But it is not good to compare, you should all first evaluate and analyze everything.

You cannot prevent comparing China to Steve Jobs especially in the wake of his death. He has really done a good thing not just for his workers but also to his country in general.

Looking for a Chinese Steve Jobs may take a while.

With regards to innovation, China has a long way to go with technological advancement. Innovation should be applied and the creative minds of the Chinese people should be used. China lacks the ability to apply the designs and creativeness of their workers. If this will be used, then a Chinese Steve Jobs will emerge.

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