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China’s Innovative Search is Genuine

China’s Innovative Search is Genuine

In the recent China Daily article by Chen Weihua entitled “China’s innovative surge is genuine,” the author makes the case that China is indeed catching up in the technological and innovation race. In this quest, let us investigate – Is China’s Innovation Search really genuine?

Three years ago, the United States was less than receptive to the idea that China is not only catching up them in the technological and innovation race, but in fact may surpass the technological giant as tidal waves of ideas pour out of China. However, the mood has shifted in favor of Chinese invention, with New York hosting major monthly conference on Chinese innovation.

Chinese advances are often making the news, showing a growing acceptance of the shift in Chinese technological advancement.

Rebecca Fannin, the author of two popular books about Chinese innovation compares the current technological innovations pouring out of China to the Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom. Fannin states that there is a shift from ‘made in China’ to ‘innovation in China’. Furthermore, the movers and shakers of the capitalist world are optimistic for China becoming a society of innovation.

John Kao, the author of Innovation Nation, says that China is a definitely developing as a country of innovation. Kao has toured much of China, exploring the technological movement occurring across the country and has first-hand experience of the innovation age China is entering. Between his combined experience as a chairman of the San Francisco Institute for Large Scale Innovation, and as a representative of the United States expert panel investigating Chinese Innovation, Kao definitely has the credentials to back his claims.

China’s government has planned a five-year strategy to develop innovation and make it the powerhouse behind their nation’s continued development. So far, their strategy has been successful; this determined nation contributed 12.5 percent of the worldwide research and development spending and currently produces more engineers than the United States. These strategies and investments are paying off; two of China’s telecom enterprises filed a significant number of patents, rising to the top of the global patent filing list this past year.

Another expert, Haiyan Wang, claims that China will become a pinnacle innovative society in as little as two decades due to the necessity of change. China’s large population is rapidly depleting the natural resources of the country and damaging the environment. Furthermore, the nation as a whole is experiencing swift urban growth. These factors are pushing China into an innovation revolution to develop solutions to their plethora of problems.

Wang warns that China still has a great deal to accomplish in technological development in order to compete with the United States and questions whether the current educational system will produce the necessary mindset for future generations. However, John Kao believes that the China’s strides in their innovation revolution will become extremely influential, despite Wang’s reservations.

The recent 21.7 percent increase in Chinese spending on research and development shows that government officials are willing to pour billions of dollars into creating solutions and developing new technologies. However, while they did spend $111 billion in research and development, they were granted only 1 percent of all patents awarded by top patent agencies worldwide, which prompted Wang to warn against inefficiency in allocation in funds.

Though it remains to be seen exactly where the Chinese innovation revolution will take the world, it is apparent that this is no small wave of change, but in fact a tidal wave that will influence both China’s future and the world at large.

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