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Chinese Innovation is Thanks to American Education

Chinese Innovation is Thanks to American Education

Shaun Rein, writing on, in an article titled “Chinese Innovation is Thanks to American Education”, disagrees with a recent article in the Washing Post. He says that China is not yet breeding a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. The ones that are succeeding are all educated in the US. For a new crop of innovators to emerge, China will have to change its antiquated education system. When everyone realizes this, why is education reform so slow to emerge in China?

A recent article in the Washington Post had made news when the author suggested that the next Chinese generation is hungry and innovative and ready to compete with the best in Silicon Valley.

This article thinks otherwise. Shaun Rein points out that those Chinese who have gone on to make significant innovations are all educated in the US. He points to Robert Hsiung and Kai-Fu-Lee, both well known innovators who were educated in ivy league universities or US style schools.

Deeper research shows that many more major entrepreneurs studied in the US. Founders of Baidu and SIna are prominent amongst these. While more than a million Chinese have studied overseas, more than 70% do not return.

The Chinese education system focuses on rote memorization and does not breed independent and innovative thinkers. This will have to change for homegrown innovators to emerge.

It is also not true that the next generations of Chinese students are risk takers. Most want to work for state owned enterprises in a steady nine to five job. Being single children, they have been brought up to be risk averse. If anything, it is the older Chinese who are more willing to experiment.

Not much will change till China changes its education systems and get its youngsters to show some more grit ad determination.

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