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Choosing a Strategic Innovative Career in Asia

Choosing a Strategic Innovative Career in Asia

With a growing number of choices for innovative professionals looking to relocate, Asia may offer untapped resources in the hunt for a strategic innovative career.

Why Asia?

Being a world economic leader is just one reason creative professionals choose to relocate to Asia. Asia has a strong record of innovation throughout its history: paper, the world’s first magnetic compass, silk, and even technology like hydraulics. Poised to become the number one economy in the world by 2050, China offers unique opportunities for strategic innovation.

China is ranked as the world’s number two spender in the fields of Research and Development. Recently, two Hong Kong based businesses were added to the year’s top 50 most innovative companies. Asia is also changing the way it educates its populace, choosing to focus on science and technology and encouraging innovation.

Creatives in Asia

China is the world’s largest exporter of creative services and merchandise. The innovative careers it currently offers are primarily focused toward three cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Starting your job search in these areas may be a good jump point when trying to find a strategic innovative career in Asia. Additionally, access to local resources in education has helped enhance the innovative thinking currently taking place in Asia. This means that Asia is poised to become a leader in innovation and will need professionals able and willing to relocate to the region.

Access also means that the people of Asia have travelled extensively and globally, experience a wide variety of cultures and broadening their innovative thinking. Affordable technology has created a deep understanding of international practices and Asia and its population have come to appreciate and model these practices. Sustainability of the success of innovative careers is something to be concerned about when thinking of relocating to Asia. Asia currently produces 40% of the world’s high technology manufacturing. With 50% percent of the world’s GDP, and an expected increase to 75% in the coming decades, Asia is on its way to becoming a global leader in strategic innovation.

Asia, the West, and Strategic Innovation

Asia is also in a unique position to strengthen its own innovative workforce while maintaining ties with the West. With the economy of Europe and the United States on a declining trend, many innovative workers from Asia who have been living abroad are now returning to their home countries, taking advantage of the excellent educational opportunities and innovation experience they gained in the West, as well as maintaining ties to clients, alma maters, and business associates. Innovation in Asia is sure to continue its incline. This makes it an excellent career path for those in the innovative field.

Innovation is critical to the growth of any economy. Strategic innovative careers can be difficult to find in Asia but once found, they can be highly lucrative. Aiming your focus to the top three cities in Asia for innovative careers will help but you should also look for untapped resources in the hunt: Western based companies looking to tap into the innovative strategic field in Asia may be looking for experts in language, culture, and business.

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