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Evonik Industries Innovative Expansion in Shanghai China

Evonik Industries Innovative Expansion in Shanghai China

PRESS RELEASE: Evonik Industries Innovative Expansion in Shanghai China

In October 2011, Evonik, an international front-runner in specialty chemicals, confirmed to invest €18 million to expand its R&D center located in Shanghai Xinzhuang. The company planned to construct a 10,000 square meter, four-story structure. The building is schedule to open its doors mid-2013.

Dr. Dahai Yu, a ranking Evonik Industry official, states that the increased demand for R&D services is reflective of their focus on ‘innovation in China for China’. Evonik strives to provide innovation to consumers located in the Greater China region and beyond.

The expansion will bring the total square meters of Evonik’s R&D facility up to 35,000, and will house high tech laboratories specializing in R&D, as well as technical services and product applications. Evonik plans to distribute these technologies to consumers throughout Greater China and the rest of Asia.

Their approach is to create a realistic show room for visitors, highlighting Evonik products and solutions. This building will be the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED) certified building accredited to Evonik worldwide. A building constructed to LEED standards must meet specific criteria by creating a greener building that has a safe environment for occupants.

Evonik Industries strives to strengthen their R&D efforts in the Greater China area by supporting local innovation, including utilizing Chinese scientific research, applications, and process developments. The company also has plans to complete research in China to strengthen the development of local intelligence.

NOTE: For more information, please feel free to read the original Press Release, “Evonik expands its R&D center in Shanghai, China” here:

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