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Genpact and Qingdao Form 5-Year Global Partnership

Genpact and Qingdao Form 5-Year Global Partnership

On Nov, 29 2011, the world-renowned leader Genpact Limited announced that it has entered into a five-year agreement with Qingdao’s government to aid in the global development of Chinese corporations. CEO of Genpact Asia, Charles Hunting, the Qingdao City Party Committee Secretary Li Qun, several Qingdao officials, and business reps attended the agreement’s signing ceremony last year.

According the new agreement, new Chinese subdivision of Genpact will be established in Qingdao’s Economic and Technological Development Zone. Related government departments and the administrative department of the development zone’s will support construction of China’s first national global process innovation hub. Qingdao officials will also foster tactical relationships between Genpact and native transnational companies. In return, Genpact will offer quality assistance and advanced business models for these firms.

Li Qun stated that Genpact would utilize its international knowledge to aid local businesses to adapt to the aggressive international market and help prepare them to compete globally. Genpact leaders added that they are grateful for the Qingdao’s assistance, and that they will support officials aiding businesses that enjoy global success.

Genpact will also help the city’s government in sustaining local businesses, and support them in the implementation of progressive service subcontracting best practices. They will accomplish their mutual goals by promoting service professionalization and improved professional productivity. For companies already established as international enterprises, the partnership between Genpact and Qingdao will aid them in maintaining their global recognition and expanding their international presence.

NOTE: For more information, please review the original Press Release “Genpact to Build China’s First Global “Process Innovation Center” in Qingdao to Help Companies Better Compete Globally” at the following link:

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