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Hong Kong in the News as Seafood Expo Returns to Asia

Hong Kong in the News as Seafood Expo Returns to Asia

Regarded as one of the most influential events in the industry, the Seafood Expo will return to Hong Kong for its sixth edition from September 8 – 10, 2015.  The expo will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


With China importing an average of $8.4 billion of seafood and seafood products from around the world, China’s intake of fresh fish has steadily increased over the years.  With Hong Kong’s growing middle class, China will continue to experience a growing demand for seafood and the Seafood Expo is a wonderful opportunity for suppliers to showcase their fresh or frozen products to consumers.


The objective of the Seafood Expo is to allow suppliers and vendors to showcase their products to consumers and each other.  Overseas companies are encouraged to attend, as the Expo is a growing opportunity to connect and establish relationships between those in the international seafood trade.  Over 115 vendors from 29 countries including Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Ireland, and Japan have confirmed their attendance to this year’s event.  In addition, this year’s event will welcome 55 first-time exhibitors.


In addition to being a major buyer of seafood, Hong Kong is also a solid transshipment point for all of Asia, making Hong Kong the ideal location for the Seafood Expo.  As the import market goes, approximately 95% of all food and beverage products consumed in Hong Kong are imported, with a 20% growth of imported seafood between 2010 and 2014.  Seafood trends that are currently gaining popularity in Hong Kong include the importation and consumption of ready-to-eat frozen seafood meals, encouraging further innovation among vendors, to meet this growing demand.  While outdoor and live seafood markets remain quite active in Hong Kong, there is a growing demand that large supermarket chains are now able to meet.  Many supermarkets in Hong Kong now include fresh seafood counters that include live choices.  Additionally, many markets are expanding offerings of canned, frozen, and chilled seafood.


The expo welcomes many industries to the event including: foodservice, hotel, catering, wholesalers, and retailers.  With a return rate of over 80%, the primary reason to attend the expo continues to be to conduct business but in addition to networking, the seafood expo also holds numerous seminars and informational sessions regarding the growing concern of ethical and sustainable seafood consumption, as well as how vendors and businesses can work to protect the health of the world’s oceans.