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Innovating Asia From the Inside Out

Innovating Asia From the Inside Out

Innovation can mean different things for different companies.

It can even mean different things for different departments within a company. For some, innovation means producing a product or outcome that is totally new. For others, it can mean creating a more efficient way to run a department that will ultimately increase bottom line. Every department and every company has different needs and different goals that they are trying to reach so when asking the question, “What is innovation?” there is really no wrong answer.

When it comes to running a multicultural company that is either actively working overseas or will be, approaching innovation in Asia is 100% necessary. It’s worthwhile to sit down with your different department heads and determine your needs on the smaller scale so that you have an accurate picture of what will be needed for the overall good the company as you move overseas. There are different types of innovation just as there are different types of needs.

Proactive Innovation in Asia:

Proactive Innovation is what we call the steps you take before you release something or before there is a need that isn’t being met. In many cases, this type of innovation creates a need among the consumers because there has not previously been a way to fill it before.

With regard to innovation in Asia, you’ll need to make sure that cultural differences are readily examined and dealt with before your employees start work overseas.

Active Innovation in Asia:

This happens when you take your existing data, production and/ or product and improve it or make it work better than before. This type of innovation is more “on the go” since you are working on changing things that are already in progress.

Active innovation in Asia is a continuous process – meeting new challenges along the way, tracking those challenges and working on solutions should be an active part of doing business with overseas partners and firms.

Reactive Innovation in Asia:

This type of innovation requires a trial and error mentality. Rather than create something and then test it repeatedly until it’s ready for release, or adapting an already existing product, this type of innovation also focuses on the operations of a business and less on a specific product being produced.

When working with businesses in another country, it’s important to stay focused on your overall goals to execute a mutually beneficial relationship

Passive Innovation in Asia:

With Passive Innovation, a company will wait for the demand from their customers before making any significant changes to their product. This would be the equivalent of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It’s important to work with partners who understand the cultural climate and passive needs of a country you may not be familiar with, and to set those partners in place from the get-go.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to innovation. Asia innovation works the same as it does here in the US – It’s not wrong if it works. It is never a mistake to continue to moderate and evaluate best practices and what will work best for your business and your selected clientele.