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Is China an Innovative Society?

Is China an Innovative Society?

In the recent article entitled “Is China an Innovative Society?” by Stefan Lindegaard, published on Business Strategy Innovation website, the author highlights the different statements made by some of the reputed writers and speakers in the industry. While many would agree that China is persevering hard to be an innovative society, the question remains – Is China an Innovative Society?

In the article, the author sheds light on the discussion in LinkedIn regarding innovation in China. A host and co-producer of Today’s magazine named Chris Gelken asked if China is an innovative Society and here are some comments by different people in regarding the question.

Some people think that Chinese people are very creative but, they lack processes on how to use this creativity. Zhiyun Chen, Vice President at Pixelligent stated that Chinese society still lacks the mechanisms to channel the creativity of individuals into constructive innovations.

Edward Eng, Copywriter at Getchee highlighted that China should also focus on how to market their products. They lack global marketing skills, and this should be their focus – to effectively market their product to the global consumer market.

Another statement from John Walmsley, MD at Scot Lift Systems brings up the issue that Chinese government needs to take steps to fill up the gaps in product design and innovation. A lot of people also commented that China is not innovative. China is “Good at copying, good at driving costs down, but not innovative,” as Stephen DeKuyper, Managing Principal at CresaPartners said.

Why? It is because their products are not modernized and appealing. They are also good at copying products but they don’t use their imagination make a product with a very appealing design. China’s culture and history can be hindrance to the application of innovation. That is why they tend to be just good enough. They don’t try to improve is what many businessmen feel across the world.

China’s development can be a bit fascinating and frightening if it is seen from a Western point of view. The goal and the ambition of the Chinese people will help them in raising their status. China can be the next innovation hotspot in the future. But whether China is an innovative Society is still a debate.

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