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Stefan Lindegaard’s Open Innovation

Stefan Lindegaard’s Open Innovation

Innovation professionals who are brainstorming best practices to innovate effectively are being offered three e-books by Stefan Lindegaard aiming to assist them with their efforts.

Stefan is an author and speaker whose focus is on open innovation with an emphasis on how to utilize social media tools for entrepreneurship.

The first offering, entitled Innovation Exercises and Insights, is and interactive workbook with more than forty exercises. It showcases ways to cultivate an innovative culture and communication that supports creativity among teammates. Explanations of open innovation and crowdsourcing are provided. Innovation boosters, stakeholder expectations, and key objectives of innovation are all included, making this e-book ideal for those new to the innovation field or business partners who are currently in the field and need or want a refresher.

All of the exercises included in the book are great additions for training sessions and are broken up into the following sections: Open Innovation in Your Company; Communication, Thought Leadership and Social Media; Innovation Culture; The Corporate Innovation Team; and Networking. Teaching your business partners how to be more innovative and how to support employees in their endeavors is important due to how fast ideas move now – the window of opportunity is shrinking every day in this fast paced digital world.

The second e-book, Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Add Power to Your Innovation Efforts, sums up how businesses should put together a game plan to use social media as an effective and exciting marketing tool. Lindegaard writes how to avoid the pitfalls of becoming involved in a social media network that is quickly being oversaturated with businesses attempting to use it for marketing.

Suggesting that business owners think of open innovation as a mindset and philosophy in everything that they do means that businesses will be able to establish an innovation process that is just as effective externally as it is internally.

Making social media a tool to gain valuable customer feedback means that customers are included in every step of product development. This means that businesses will gain valuable knowledge, avoiding mistakes from the beginning, while also gaining customer trust and loyalty.

The third and final offering is an e-book entitled, “Making Open Innovation Work.” Lindegaard has given businesses a tool that is practical and engaging. Differences in the way open innovation works for small and large companies is discussed including ways both can contribute to open innovation. The differences between the ways the two should conduct an open innovation relationship are staggering and without understanding both sides, working together can be difficult, if not impossible.

The information in each book is presented in a practical and understandable way, offering examples that business partners can put to test the same day. Each offering is targeted for all business partners responsible for innovation, business processes, technology, and strategy. Those looking for real-world advice and practical tools on innovation and crafting a business culture that supports and encourage innovation should take advantage of the e-book offering.