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Taiwan becomes First Asian Nation to Open Launchpad in Silicon Valley

Taiwan becomes First Asian Nation to Open Launchpad in Silicon Valley

Early in June, Taiwan became the first Asian nation to announce plans for a soft landing center in Silicon Valley.  The innovation office joins numerous other centers that different countries have established in California in recent years.  The state-sponsored Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center will be located in San Jose, California and its mission includes the support of start-ups that are already established in the Bay Area.  This center will offer up to $20,000 in funds to support the cost of living to any Taiwanese entrepreneur while living in the United States.


Also offered at the innovation center is training regarding the differences in culture between Taiwan and the United States.  The differences between the eastern and western cultures are highlighted and new residents are educated on how to adjust, resources to seek out, and how to enjoy their time in America.  Larry Wang, CEO of Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center hopes that the cultural education will prompt employees to “learn and do more” while they’re in the United States.  In addition to this training, cultural events are also held by many different tech businesses that are located in Silicon Valley, to bridge the gap between immigrant employees and their new country.


Many Silicon Valley employers, including the new Taiwanese center, will also offer mentor relationships for new employees to connect with older, more established employees who have been in the United States for much longer.  Another way Silicon Valley companies are striving to help their employees is to provide resources for finding housing and subsidized office space.  Many companies who are culturally similar often band together to provide support and assistance to their employees, so the idea of a landing space in Silicon Valley has been met with curiosity and enthusiasm.


While many foreign countries have worked fruitlessly to establish their own Silicon Valley to varying degrees of success, the original Silicon Valley in California still remains the center of technological innovation.  Many foreign companies choose to come to Silicon Valley because of the availability to network with, and have access to, other industry innovators.  And though this is often cited as the main reason to relocate to Silicon Valley, for many employees they wish to seek and fulfill their own version of the illustrious ‘American dream’.  Whether the Taiwanese come to Silicon Valley for employment opportunities or to use the resources it offers as the mecca of innovation and entrepreneurship, one thing is for certain:  in Silicon Valley, the opportunities are endless no matter where you’re coming from.