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This Year’s Innovation Forum: What to Expect

This Year’s Innovation Forum:  What to Expect

Innovation 2013 is slated to kick off this year in Shanghai, China.

This two day event features Marcus Evans as a sponsor and will be held October 24 – 25th at the Intercontinental Shanghai Expo.

Attendees can expect to be filled in on the latest trends and issues revolving around innovation in China.  Business leaders can attend workshops to discuss best practices and strategies to grow innovation.

Featured at this year’s forum is the creative thinking and innovation workshop presented by Dr. Ken Hudson.  Dr. Hudson is an Inventor and Australia’s leader regarding innovation and creative thinking and will present Blitz:  Unleashing big, new ideas in minutes!  Participants will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Hudson’s e-book ’36 Innovation Tips that Work’ and various ‘Blitz’ apps for mobile devices.

Innovation Forum - October 24th & 25th, 2013The Expert Panel at this year’s Forum includes Gareth Macnaughton, Director of Innovation and Strategy for Cisco Systems; Pratik Thakar, Vice President – Pacific Group Creative & Content Excellence for The Coca-Cola Company; John van der Linden, Technology General Manager – Oral Care with Proctor & Gamble; and Herbert Chia, Business Intelligence VP with and (Alibaba Group).

Participants can expect inspirational speakers who will provide key industry insights, active sessions and discussions.  There will be hundreds of leading service providers at this year’s conference making it an ideal time for formal and informal networking.  A personalized itinerary and access to the secured event website will be provided for all ticket holders as well as event documentation.

Stream One of the conference will focus on Business Culture and Process Innovation while Stream Two is centered on Product Innovation and Development.  Case studies and panel discussions will also take place as well as discussions on how businesses can provide an innovation-friendly environment to attract and retain talent.

Key benefits of the forum will include understanding how to improve current innovative functions to improve business capabilities and you will be provided with real stories of success that current business leaders have had with open innovation.  Case studies and workshops will guide you to understand how companies are developing a culture that promotes and encourages innovation among employees.

The highlight of the forum will be Martin Daffner, Innovation and Process Advisor for New Innovation, on hand as a special guest speaker.

Mr. Daffner will present Process and Product and speak on how innovation is crucial for companies to survive in today’s changing markets.  The speaking engagement, like the forum, is designed for all business partners responsible for innovation, business process, technology, and strategy.  Martin is currently a Senior Innovation Architect with Cisco Technologies and a thought leader in organizational development through innovation practices.

The forum promises to give real-world advice on becoming more time efficient in groups, how to make faster decisions without second guessing yourself, and stopping the analysis-paralysis curse that so many face.   Providing hands-on methods to accelerate product development cycle and how to optimize innovation strategies you will have access to the latest most up to date innovation trends and issues in China and around the world.