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Travel Start Ups: Yet Another Example of Asia’s Call For Innovation

Travel Start Ups: Yet Another Example of Asia’s Call For Innovation

Innovation in the travel industry is a broad topic.

It can mean instituting a travel booking system that is on par or better than Expedia or Travelocity. It can also mean creating an app for smartphones that comes with built in travel guidebooks, hotspots and best places to eat and shop. But when we talk about Innovation in the travel industry in Asia, it means preparing for a veritable tsunami of innovative startups that are primed to disrupt the old ways of thinking.

Innovation is something that is new and exciting.

This concept of bringing something new to the table goes hand in hand with the travel industry as it is filled with potential customers who are seeking an adventure. “New” is the word of the day when it comes to Travel. In Asia’s case that is quite literally true. The number of independent startup companies has skyrocketed in the last five years a large number of those have been directly related to travel. Everything from home rentals to creating travel packages that encompass a feeling to pull in tourists to cell phone applications that put the ability to book your travel a few swipes of your finger away.

“The whole broad search and travel booking is open for the taking in Asia.” Says AmitAnand in a recent article in WebinTravel. Anand was an investor in Travelmob, a company that specializes in booking travel accommodations across the continent—(think specifically for the Asia Pacific region). He knows his stuff when it comes to travel startups. Anand started Jungle Venures in 2010. Since then he has grown his 5 million startup seed into 20 million.

Consumers are constantly looking for the next best way to escape it all.

There is a greater emphasis placed on travel, especially with the cost of travel rising. The quality of travel is becoming even more important. This need is opening the way for innovative companies to take the floor. These small companies are pooling their resources and are pulling in investors from all over to make an even bigger splash in this already growing market. A new idea is sparked every day. And right now, Asia’s travel market is exploding into an inferno of investment opportunities. Whether that is opening the doors to a swanky new resort or keeping travelers on track with their very own map app that leads tourists to famous sites, the travel industry is growing and right now there is room for investors to make their mark.