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What Does It Take to Be an Innovation Leader in China?

What Does It Take to Be an Innovation Leader in China?

There are blogs and articles and countless experts that clog the internet with lists and diatribes about what it means to be a leader – including being an innovation leader in China and other Asian countries. Most of these “How To’s” are intentionally directed at Western readers. When we consider the global market, what does it mean to be a leader in the Eastern markets? Asia is skyrocketing to the forefront of innovation. The importance that is being placed on research and development is apparent in the forward thinking products and services that are coming out of that region. Someone has to be at the head of those ships.

What does it take to be an innovation leader in China or other Asian countries?

Asking the Right Questions:

While the occasion for a business decision to lead to a literal life and death decision is highly unlikely, the principle remains the same. If you want to get anywhere it’s important to be able to figure out which questions are the right ones to be asking. Don’t be afraid to bridge cultural gaps to ask the kinds of questions you need that will allow for good business partnerships. Many companies looking to be innovation leaders in China simply aren’t asking enough questions.

Curiouser and Curiouser

The old adage, “curiosity killed the cat” was originally intended to keep children and anyone who might rock the proverbial boat from poking their nose in where they don’t belong. For businesses who are hoping to make it on the list of most innovative companies, this phrase should be stricken from memory. It is only by being curious and willing to test the boundaries of what is known that we can find what was previously not known. Being curious and acting on that curiosity is the only way to push to new ground.

Be Brave Enough to Be Real

Authenticity is something that many people, particularly people in business, sales and marketing, fear. When we are honest about our needs, desires and abilities there is a belief that we are limiting what we can do. In all actuality, by creating realistic expectations, you can easily build the confidence and hope that will lead a company toward innovation success.

Many US companies are afraid to bridge this gap because of the cultural divide. Don’t let anxiety stop you from the curiosity you need to approach and partner with companies who are already exploring innovation in China and other countries.