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What the US Can Learn from China about Innovation

What the US Can Learn from China about Innovation

Roya Wolverson, writing on in an article titled “What the US Can Learn from China about Innovation” says that the Chinese use quality educational facilities available in the developed world to train their students. The US can however, use these well trained students to its own advantage by giving them employment in US industry. However, this is not being done systematically. Why is it that US policies are not nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities?

A number of high profile speakers have felt that China forces foreign investors to give away their trade secrets in return for doing business in China. However, as the main article shows, there are ways whereby the US too can gain while interacting with China.

The Chinese have been sending their engineers to the best institutes in the West to get trained in cutting edge techniques. It is evident that the Chinese research the field to find the best in the business to train with.

However, the writer says, the US can take advantage of the situation as well. Student visas could have a condition stipulating that Chinese students would have to work for US firms after graduation. Chinese skills of rapid scaling up and market domination should also be studied.

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